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Gold prices started surging

Gold prices started soaring on Thursday (August 29, 2019) amidst fears over recession. The demand for the metal started growing during the period of rising political and economical turmoil. Spot gold rose 0.2% to $1,542.06 per ounce whereas U.S. gold futures were up 0.1% at $1,550.80 an ounce as reported by Reuters. According to Michael…
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Asia stocks rose after Trump’s statement

Asia stocks soared on Tuesday (August 27, 2019) as a result of the United States President Donald Trump offering a positive outlook on China and stating that the US and China would be able to reach a trade deal between them. He also said he believes that Beijing looks forward to initiating an agreement. As…
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Unfavorable time for Asia shares amidst the Trade war

Due to the ongoing US – Chinese trade war, shares across Asia have sunk on Monday (August 26, 2019) itself. The trade war has already started affecting the world economy and market currencies. Hong Kong’s Hang Seng index started showcasing a downfall in the region as it plunged more than 2% once it reached the…
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Alibaba postponed a Hong Kong listing

The biggest e-commerce company of China, Alibaba Group was supposed to be listed in Hong Kong but as a result of the ongoing political unrest in the city, it has decided to delay its plan to issue a secondary offering. Going by the ticker name NYSE: BABA, the Hong Kong listing postponed by Alibaba is…
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Asia stocks started ascending

Due to the fact that the People’s Bank of China (PBOC) decided to tweak the rates in order to support the slowing economy, the Chinese stocks started soaring. As a result of the ongoing trade war, Asia stocks started plunging and the People’s Bank of China decided to reduce the borrowing costs for companies. Analysts…
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Alibaba’s June quarter results will be up on Thursday

Going by the ticker name (NYSE: BABA), Alibaba is ready to announce their first quarter fiscal 2020 earnings results on August 15, 2019. However, Alibaba is expected to display a slow growth in revenue. Irrespective of the expected slow revenue growth, the analysts are remaining optimistic about its profitability. According to Refinitiv data, the estimated…
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Saudi Aramco is readying for the public debut

Officially known as Saudi Arabian Oil Company, Saudi Aramco is the world’s largest oil and gas company by revenue. Engaged in the petroleum and the natural gas business, its headquarters is based in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. Although the company stated that their profit fell during the first half due to the fact that oil prices…
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Lyft’s Q2 earnings exceeded Wall Street expectations

The famous ride hailing company released their second quarter earnings report and it was better than what Wall Street expected. After Lyft released their better than estimated earnings for the quarter, the stock soared as high as 13% after-hours. However, later, the stock fell probably due to the fact that the company is moving up…
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An unexpected turn of events for Disney

The giant in the entertainment industry reported their third-quarter results. Unfortunately, for them, it was unfavourable as it was below the consensus expectations of the analysts. On Tuesday, the shares plunged about 3.7% in after-hours trading after the announcement. Both earnings and revenue were below the estimated values. According to the report, the revenue was…
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The future for entertainment behemoth Disney seems to be fruitful

When you say that you are a fan of Disney, it pretty much covers a vast area of entertainment. Disney had a huge presence at San Diego Comic-Con, the largest geek and pop culture convention in the world, last month. The famous fandoms such as extremely successful Marvel, beloved Star Wars and even Avatar which…
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