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Chinese stocks drop

The stocks in Mainland China had an unfavorable time in the early afternoon, along with otherAsia Pacific markets also moving towards the negative territory as U.S.-China tensionsworsened, as reported by CNBC.In mainland China, the Shanghai composite dropped 2.25%, while the Shenzhen composite fellnearly 3%. The Shenzhen component declined 3.45%.Meanwhile in Hong Kong, the Hang Seng…
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Asia markets surge

Asia Pacific markets made positive moves on Tuesday following the investor sentiment was boostedby optimistic news on the coronavirus vaccine front and seemingly due to an important Europeandeal on a pandemic recovery fund, as reported by CNBC.In Japan, the Nikkei 225 soared 0.73% to 22,884.22 and the Topix index jumped 0.36% to 1,582.74.South Korea’s Kospi…
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Goldman Sachs shares rise

On Wednesday, Goldman Sachs reported successful second-quarter earnings as a result of itsreliance on trading and investment banking generating positive results despite the instability of themarket caused by the coronavirus pandemic.The bank stated that it was able to generate $2.42 billion in profit, or $6.26 per share, going beyondthe $3.78 a share estimate of analysts…
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Trump says the phase 2 trade deal is not a priority as the U.S.-China relationship has become very weak

President Donald Trump stated on Friday that he believes that next stage of the U.S. trade deal withChina is not possible adding that the relationship between the two nations has been “severelydamaged” due to the current pandemic.“They could have stopped the plague. They could have stopped it. They didn’t stop it,” Trump claimedon Air Force…
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Stocks in Asia Pacific were a mixed bag

Stocks in Asia Pacific made mixed movements on Wednesday following the sentiments surrounding thecoronavirus pandemic continued to remain.13,406.37. Hong Kong’s Hang Seng index also soared 0.42%, as of it neared the end of the trading dayMainland Chinese stocks succeeded in maintaining its high positions they have had so far this week asthey led gains in…
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European stocks to surge

European markets seem to be recovering on Monday morning as economic recovery anddevelopment on potential coronavirus drugs caught the attention of the investors which madethem less concerned about a further acceleration of the pandemic, as reported by CNBC.Britain’s FTSE 100 is seen around jumping 86 points at 6,243, whereas Germany’s DAX isexpected to ascend by…
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Taiwan’s economy has performed well amidst Coronavirus

Compared to most Asian countries, Taiwan’s economy has been performing well due to the fact thathow well the country has been handling the coronavirus outbreak, according to an economist fromresearch house Capital Economics.Irrespective of the fact that the country is close to mainland China, Taiwan reported just 447 coronaviruscases and seven deaths out of 24…
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A lower opening for European Markets

According to predictions and observations, European stocks are not expected to make a good move onMonday as investors are concerned about a surge in coronavirus cases in the United States next toconcerns about a surge in infections in Germany as well.London’s FTSE is witnessed opening by slipping 34 points at 6,253, whereas Germany’s DAX is…
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Dow futures rise

Dow futures started soaring amid news stating that the US president Trump is preparing $1trillion infrastructure proposal, CNBC reported.On early Tuesday morning, Futures contracts linked to the major U.S. stock indexes surged as aBloomberg report stated that Donald Trump’s administration is preparing the saidinfrastructure proposal.Dow Jones Industrial Average futures added 492 points, which suggested an…
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OPEC and allies decide to extend oil production cut

On Saturday, OPEC and its oil-producing allies have made the decision to extend the group’s historic production cut for another month as an initiative to make the global oil market stabilized. The said agreement was confirmed during the group’s video-conference meeting. “Today we have grounds to be cautiously optimistic about the future, but we are…
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