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Tesla shares drop and recover afterwards

Tesla shares went down about 4% early on Wednesday but succeeded in recovering by market close, after the company stated that it would reduce the price of its cars for customers in two major markets -that are North America and China. Overnight on Tuesday, Tesla said it was cutting prices for its Model 3, S…
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U.S.-China tensions may get worse, says experts

Tensions between the largest economies in the world, the U.S. and China may get worse ahead of the American presidential election, which is supposed to take place November this year, experts told CNBC on Thursday. The US and China have been battling with each other in a longstanding trade war and are now seems to…
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Trump is ‘considering’ travel ban after a deadly day for Brazil

President Donald Trump stated that he is taking a travel ban on Brazil into consideration as a result of the largest country of South America recorded a catastrophic day as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. “We are considering it. We hope that we are not going to have a problem. I don’t want people…
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European markets open higher along with lockdown lifting

On Monday, European stocks are expected to open higher as the investors have started feeling optimistic as the lockdown restrictions around the world are being lifted. London’s FTSE added 90 points higher at 5,888 whereas Germany’s DAX went up 200 points higher at 10,649, France’s CAC 40 is seen 78 points higher at 4,350 and…
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No drastic difference in stocks in Asia

Stocks in Asia Pacific showed a little amount of progression on Wednesday as people remained alerted on sudden waves of recent coronavirus cases in some countries regionally as they begin to reopen their economies. Mainland Chinese stocks had a movement on the day, with the Shanghai composite adding 0.22% to about 2,898.05 while the Shenzhen…
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Tesla to leave California, Musk tweets

Via a tweet, the CEO of the automobile manufacturing giant Tesla, Elon Musk, said Saturday that the company is in the process of filing a lawsuit against Alameda County and will shift its headquarters and future operations out of California.  On Friday, Alameda County’s interim public health officer, Dr. Erica Pan, stated that orders from…
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European markets heading for lower opening amidst US lockdown lifting

On Wednesday, European stocks are expected to open lower as investors are focusing on the progressions in the U.S. after the country made the decision to lift the lockdown restrictions, and oil prices that have fallen again. London’s FTSE is observed opening 34 points below at 5,818 whereas Germany’s DAX is seen 94 points lower…
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100,000 Americans may die from Coronavirus, says Trump

On Sunday, the U.S. President Donald Trump stated that he believes about 100,000 Americans could die due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. He stated so after the death toll surpassed his earlier predicted number of his estimates, but said he was optimistic that a vaccine would be developed by the end of this year. The…
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Florida governor to ease coronavirus restrictions

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on Wednesday decided to reveal his plan for dialing down the restrictions on businesses in his state, after data showed the U.S. economy has collapsed 4.8% in the first quarter due to the shutdowns in order to fight the coronavirus pandemic. According to Commerce Department data, the U.S. economy slipped at…
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Oil drops 25%

U.S. oil prices descended 25% on Monday over assumptions that worldwide storage will soon be full as the ongoing coronavirus pandemic continues to make a negative impact on the demand. West Texas Intermediate for June delivery plunged 25%, or $4.27, to trade at $12.71 per barrel, whereas the international benchmark Brent crude traded 6.2% lower…
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