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What is up now, with Huawei

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What is up now, with Huawei

Huawei is facing a blacklist from the United States that prohibits American companies from doing business with it. According to TF International Securities Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Huawei is currently the world’s second-largest smartphone maker.

At the same time, we are able to see its shipments dropped by as much as 10 million if consumers cannot use important Google applications on their androids

The primary beneficiaries would be Samsung and Apple if Huawei smartphone revenues dropped.

The main reason behind is this is that people always prefer Google, almost became a need these days and suddenly when they realize that they can’t access to google definitely the revenue and sales are going to go down as accepted.

The main beneficiaries definitely will be Samsung and Apple if Huawei’s smartphone sales dropped further. Also that Samsung and Apple could gain the smartphone industry after the United States imposed Huawei on a blacklist that effectively prevents U.S. companies from doing business with it.S. companies from doing company with it.

The move from the Trump administration could limit Huawei from sourcing U.S. businesses ‘ parts for its goods and facilities, including some important Google Android technology, leading to decreased smartphone deliveries and requiring Huawei, according to the studies, to seek substitutes for U.S.-banned parts.

One of the leading analysts in the hardware supply companies of Asia and China analyzes the potential impact of the export ban on the smartphone business of Huawei, which is the second-largest smartphone brand in the world after Samsung, yet ahead of Apple.