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Adidas and Puma, the two giants born by bad blood between two brothers!

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Adidas and Puma, the two giants born by bad blood between two brothers!

A rivalry began between two brothers, after launching a shoe company inside the laundry room of their house in the small German town of Herzogenaurach. Did you know that the company was grounded by those siblings and split into two thriving companies afterward?

Yes, you heard it right. A rivalry which divided an entire town. They were known as the Dassler brothers. Adolf and Rudolf Dassler started crafting shoes and became extremely successful as the result of an Olympic medallist wearing their products which made them internationally famous!

Although it all started victoriously, the relationship between the brothers started going downhill due to a shortcoming which triggered the rivalry. Nobody knows the exact reason but they say that it was most probably due to a miscommunication during World War II. The unfortunate falling-out gave birth to two companies in 1948 – Adidas and Puma!

The said rivalry was not limited to the Dassler brothers. It ended up dividing the said town Herzogenaurach itself as members of families living there were employees of either Adidas or Puma.

After about 60 years, the conflict between the employees of the two companies marked their end by playing a friendly football match.

Adidas and Puma have been fruitful since their Initial Public Offering in 1995 and 1986 respectively. As of June 6, 2019, the share value of Adidas is 257.40 EU and of Puma is 537.00 EU.

Even to this day, Adidas and Puma are easily considered as two of the finest brands in the world.